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Snow Reporting PLUS is a one-of-a-kind service in the MIdwest.


Snow Reporting PLUS started in 1978 (for those of you 40 years old or younger, that was before you were born) by the urging of the Ski Chicagoland Association INC and later the Wisconsin Ski Industries Assn. to their agency MMO INC and Tom Bergman (also ski school owner at Majestic Ski Area/Lake Geneva WI & Royal Valley/Buchannan MI), for the purpose of providing accurate snow condition and event information to the media...because the 8 member ski areas (snow boards had not appeared yet) were not satisfied with the other services that were available.


Since that time Snow Reporting PLUS has grown dramatically and is still a division of MMO INC (Midwest Marketing Org. INC). The other Midwest snow reporting services are long gone. Snow Reporting PLUS went from reporting for just the Chicagoland area resorts to covering the entire Midwest...from the UP of Michigan to Iowa, Wisconsin, and'll find the info on all major resorts and most local ski/board areas on our report.


In the beginning we called the Radio Stations to tape the reports over the phone or do them live on we tape the reports in studio and email them out for rebroadcast and make them available for download. When fax machines came along we were able to send the data to Newspapers & TV stations or upload the info to their BBS systems thru modems (remember them?) everything is sent digitally and also available for download.


A lot has changed, snowboards are immensely popular and everything we do is done digitally and thru social media and email, but for 40 years Tom Bergman (PSIA Certified Member & PSIA National Academy Member) has been the voice of Midwest Skiing to thousands of Midwest skiers and boarders and sliders every week of the season.


If you are with a radio or TV station or newspaper...please contact us here to carry the report.


If you are in to Winter Snow Sports please bookmark this page to follow the reports and also follow us on Twitter & Facebook (links are below).


See you on the slopes!




P.S. Want some and listen to this MP3 of old ski reports
How they are broadcast vary greatly, with one thing in common, promoting winter snow sports!

Snow Reporting PLUS Demo Tape - Snow Reporting PLUS
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